Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, NYC 2010

2 Apr 2010

A few photos from the USS Intrepid in New York City following her refurbishment. In addition to the ship, several aircraft got much needed paint and restoration. Furthermore, the Concorde G-BOAD got a permanent home on the dock rather than floating on a barge.

New York - Metropolitan Area (NYC)

0327 MiG-17F
1308 H-19C
145550 F-8K
146739 F-3C
157986 F-14D
Prototype F-14D
162185 A-6F
4105 MiG-21PFM
4105 MiG-21PFM
59-1621 UH-1A
60 Etendard-IV
624 MiG-15
624 MiG-15
70-15956 AH-1G
999734 F-21A
G-BOAD Concorde102
G-BOAD Concorde102
MM54439 MB-339
XD220 Scimitar F1


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