2004 - Bogota, Colombia - El Dorado Airport

21 May 2004 to 6 Jun 2004

Photos from a trip to Bogota, Colombia. There are lots of interesting aircraft at Bogota's El Dorado airport - perhaps the most surprising to see were the two Frontier 737s which were spotted in the US flying for Frontier just months before!

It was possible to walk on the ramps at some of the various cargo outfits but the military was very strict about photos.

(This is the first trip after switching to digital)

Bogota - Eldorado (BOG) - 21 May 2004 to 5 Jun 2004
Medellin - Jose Marie Cordova (MDE) - 5 Jun 2004
Bogota - Eldorado (BOG) - 6 Jun 2004

Bogota - Eldorado (BOG)

ARC-001 707-300
FAC-1246 727-100
FAC-1247 727-200
FAC1004 C-130H
FAC1006 C-130B
FAC1145 727
FAC1201 707-300
FAC1201 707-300
FAC654 400
FAC690 DC-4
HK-2377 C-54G
HK-4117-X An-32
FAC1161 328
FAC1172 ERJ-145
HK-3678 ATR-42
HK-3951X DHC-8-300
HK-3963-X DC-9-30
YV-01C MD-83
FAC1004 C-130H
FAC1261 CN-235
Crashed 31 July 2015 BAQ
FAC861 P-47
HK-1271 727-100
HK-3814 727-100
N433EX 727-100
PH-MXS Fokker 50
ARC431 208
CC-COC A320-200
CU-T1282 Il-62
FAC3051 Kfir
HK-1273 727-100
HK-1273 727-100
HK-3667-X 727-100
HK-3958 DC-9-10
HK-3958 DC-9-10
HK-4142 L-410
HK-4255-X MD-81
HK-4328 737-200
N47892 C-27A
N47892 C-27A
N988AN 767-200
PNC-0202 DHC-6
PNC-0208 B200
PNC-0213 BT-67
XA-AEX 737-700
YV-01C MD-83

Medellin - Jose Marie Cordova (MDE)


Bogota - Eldorado (BOG)

HK-2404 Viscount
HK-3150 C-46A
HK-3674 580
HK-3780X Mi-8
HK-3785-X DC-8-70F
HK-3827X DC-9-10
HK-3928-X DC-9-30
HK-3948-X Caravelle
HK-3952X DHC-8-300
HK4302 MD-81
HR-ATN 737-200
HR-ATN 737-200
N475TA A319-100
N506NA 757-200
UR-11313 An-12


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